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Miguel Induráin. Celebration of a legend of the “Tour de France”

It has been 25 years since Miguel Induráin chained his 5th consecutive Tour de France, making history.

Our ambassador, Melcior Mauri, wanted to celebrate by surprising Induráin with his entire team, who traveled to Pamplona to train with him and surprise him with a commemorative cake. According to the Titan Desert press release, Induráin stated: “What a surprise. I love celebrating this date with part of the team. I hope we will all do it together soon.

It should be noted that the KH7-Logifrio team will debut in the Garmin Titan Desert on November 2. Now it’s time to prepare for this 6-stage mountain bike race through the Moroccan desert. The whole team will cross the desert equipped by our GPS and they will try to bring back the cup for a second time in a row.

From TwoNav we congratulate the champion and Captain Mauri’s team for such a beautiful initiative and we encourage them for the Titan Desert. We will closely follow in his footsteps!

KH7 video from their Youtube profile


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