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“Keep Clean and run”, a ploggin race for the environment


After running and cycling across Italy from north to south, collecting hundreds of tons of abandoned waste, meeting and sensitizing thousands of people, Keep Clean and Run for Peace, the longest plogging in the world, is back on the subject of littering.

Roberto Cavallo, TwoNav ambassador, runs from 23 to 29 April from Montignoso (Massa Carrara) to Rimini along the Gothic Line in the days when the 76th anniversary of the Liberation from Nazi-Fascism occurs.

The message that KCR21 wants to launch is clear: littering, which kills our seas, must be opposed in its places of origin, that is, in the hinterland.

Environmental disclosure Roberto Cavallo, managing director of the ERICA Cooperative (for over 25 years leader in environmental communication), after anticipating the now widespread phenomenon of plogging that combines the race with the removal of littering, today aims to broaden the audience sensitive to environmental issues.

And everyone can make two simple and at the same time revolutionary gestures to fight it: do not abandon their waste and bend down to collect what is already polluting the environment.