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Land: Close several files at once in just 1 click

Do you work with several routes at once and find it tedious to have to close them one by one? Land 8.9 incorporates one of your most popular suggestions. You’ll be able to do more, faster.

Many of you have been asking for this improvement for some time. Well, here it is!

You’ve no doubt been in a situation where you have many activities open and you want to close them all at once. Until now, you had to close them one by one. The same with maps and routes.

As from Land 8.9, you’ll be able to close several elements of the data tree at once by simply selecting them all and pressing Close. You choose how to select the files you want to close:

– ‘Shift’ keyUse it to close a list of elements from the first one to the last one selected (all the elements between them will be closed.

Land: Cierra varios archivos a la vez en tan solo 1 click

– ‘Control’ keyUse it to select individual elements you want to close.

Land: Cierra varios archivos a la vez en tan solo 1 click

It’s so simple and fast.

Try yourself!

Get the most out of Land by looking over its interactive manual.