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TwoNav GPS: Change in how the alarms work

One of the improvements in version 4.8 was suggested by many of you. We made a slight change to how the alarms work so they don’t bother you when you haven’t started the activity yet. These are the changes.

Proximity Alarm

Your TwoNav GPS will notify you when you get close to certain points of interest (waypoints).

Starting with TwoNav version 4.8, proximity alarms won’t go off automatically when you create a waypoint at your current position.

In addition, the proximity alarm will only go off if you’re navigating, that is, if you have selected the destination to navigate to (‘Start’).

Remember that from ‘Main menu > Settings > Activity profiles > Alarms > Waypoints Proximity’ you can configure the warning distance from the point of interest (waypoint radius) and the alarm sound.

Try it out!

Alarms for Data Fields

Your TwoNav GPS will notify you when you exceed certain limits that you yourself have defined (excess speed, deviation from route, minimum pace, etc.).

Starting with TwoNav version 4.8, data field alarms (for both the maximum and minimum value) will only be shown if at some point they have been inside the correct range. For example, the route deviation alarm will not go off if you start navigating far away from the route.

Remember that you can set the alarms you want from ‘Main menu > Settings > Activity profiles > Alarms > Data fields’ and specify the maximum and minimum values for each of them.

Try it out!

Get the most out of your TwoNav GPS by checking your device’s interactive manual.


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