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Land: View the routes stored on your PC by folders

Find the route you’re looking for on your computer more easily without leaving Land. The data tree will show you the routes by folder, just as they’re organised on your PC. Download Land 8.9 now!

Until now, you were able to access the routes saved on your computer without leaving Land from the Land data tree (section ‘Stored files> My PC > Routes’). These routes appeared in a list one after another, even if they were distributed in subfolders inside your computer. 

With Land 8.9, these same routes will be shown already arranged by folder (same folder structure that you have on your computer). Remember that you can right-click to use the sort-by filter to more easily find the route you’re looking for.

You will also be able to see the same folder organisation on and on your TwoNav GPS (the device must have TwoNav 4.8 or higher).

Try yourself!

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