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Land: Tracks saved automatically in real time

Do you like editing your own tracks? Download Land 8.9 and try autosave for tracks and waypoints. Forget about saving the changes you make, Land will do it for you!

Until now, if you made any changes to tracks or waypoints (edit points on the itinerary, change track colour, etc.), you had to save the files again to store the changes. If you didn’t, the changes were lost.

Starting with Land 8.9, each time you edit a track or make changes to your waypoints, these changes will be saved automatically without having to manually press ‘Save’.

Land: Tracks saved automatically in real time

Land joins other applications on the market, such as Google Drive, where changes are saved in real time. Don’t worry and focus on what matters most: your next outing.

Look at the data tree, when you see the “!” icon next to the file you are editing, this means that the changes haven’t been saved yet. In a few seconds, the icon will disappear and the changes will be saved.

Land: Tracks saved automatically in real time

If you want to disable autosave, go to: ‘Main menu > Options > General > Autosave’.

Try yourself!

Get the most out of Land by looking over its interactive manual.