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TwoNav cares. Together against the coronavirus!

This article seeks to raise awareness of how important each contribution is and to encourage everyone to take part, however they can, in this fight against the Coronavirus.
As in many other companies, our activity has changed in recent days. We are continuing to work with minimum staffing, as mandated by government agencies, in order to process online orders. But this hasn’t prevented us from engaging in efforts to make healthcare materials to help those who need it most.

Santiago Twose, CEO of TwoNav, saw the need for materials that medical workers demanded. He decided to consult 3D printing experts to provide TwoNav with the files necessary to print protective visors for healthcare personnel. After a series of tests, several 3D printers were put into operation to manufacture this essential item. According to Santiago himself, “We’re doing our part in the hope that it will make the work of medical teams easier”. We are also creating a prototype for a respirator that is awaiting certification.

In light of the situation, we had a brief discussion with our colleagues Adrián and Guillem, from production, to have them explain the process and how they feel about being part of this initiative.

TwoNav cares. Together against the coronavirus!

TwoNav: How is the face shield holder manufactured?

Production Team: We should note that the files for designing the visors and the medical material that we used were tested and approved by the relevant institutions (hospitals, ICS). Once our printers create these parts, they are collected by a logistical team of volunteers or companies that collaborate altruistically. The material is taken to manufacturing centres, where the visors are installed and the entire unit is disinfected. A logistics team is responsible for distributing the masks to hospitals as needed.

In our case, we’re part of the Vallès Oriental and Maresme (Catalonia) manufacturing group, and our PPE is distributed to hospitals in the province of Barcelona.

TN: How do you feel about collaborating in this humanitarian effort?

EP: It’s very rewarding. This is a situation that we have to overcome together, by trying to help anyone who needs it. Teamwork has always been our company philosophy, and now we’re exporting that to a more general situation.

TN: How do you combine the manufacture of GPS units that an e-commerce like TwoNav demands, with the manufacture of shields and medical equipment?

EP: The two processes are fully compatible, since we can combine the use of the necessary machine and human resources, though the latter are very limited since we are complying with the national mandate.

TwoNav cares. Together against the coronavirus!

TN: We know that you’re at minimum staffing to comply with the state of emergency, but what is your day like?

EP: We are very aware of the gravity of the situation and we are adhering to all the measures set out by the government agencies. All those employees who aren’t able to work from home wear masks and gloves. We have hand sanitiser in every area of our facilities and we have rearranged the spaces to ensure a safety distance of 2m. At the end of the day, we always clean and disinfect the areas used.

So, we remain committed to our customers, to make sure their orders are sent out and that the entire TwoNav team work safely, either from home or as part of a minimum production shift.