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Nature aroma, at home

At TwoNav we have proposed to give you experiences. The campaign «Put the five senses!» It will lead you to use all your senses. With “the view” we were able to explore some of the best natural parks in 360º. Now it’s time to smell. How to bring the Nature aroma to your home? Well, very simple, with this homemade recipe your home will be closer to the mountain.

Recipes to bring the aroma of nature at home

Whether you are a hiker, cyclist or motor traveler, we recommend these simple recipes to scent your home. From TwoNav, we promote sustainable actions

Pine fragrance recipe

olor a pino twonav

Are you not bothered by artificial fragrances in stores or hypermarkets? We invite you to try this recipe suitable for everyone, free of chemicals. Make your house smell like the forest using these environmentally friendly materials.


-Three pine branches (if you can’t find, you can also use another branch with fragrance)

-A nutmeg

-Two bay leaves

-Small pot

-Glass jar or other similar container


Bring the three pine branches to a boil along with two bay leaves and the nutmeg. Once it boils, lower the heat to low. Here you will begin to feel the aroma of pine and nutmeg.

Let the mixture simmer over low heat until the liquid is reduced by half. Once ready, let it rest.

For an aromatic effect, pour the mixture into the container and close it by making some holes in the lid to let the perfume come out.

Smell of dried flowers

olfato twonav

If what you like is the floral scent, we have also prepared this recipe especially for you. It is a preparation that will remind you of forests and flower fields.


-Rose petals

-2 bay leaves

-Eucalyptus flowers and leaves

-Walnut leaves



-Mirto (optional)

-Small wicker type basket or container with holes


This recipe has no more complication than finding the ingredients.

Place all the elements in a basket or container, let them mix and impregnate your house with their aroma. We also recommend putting a couple of tablespoons of the mixture spread over drawers and cabinets.

Sustainable TwoNav

At TwoNav we are committed to the environment. If you want to know some of the actions that we are carrying out as a sustainable company, we invite you to read the following article in our blog about sustainable TwoNav.

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