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Nature with children. Sensory paradise

outdoor with kids

At TwoNav we have proposed to give you experiences. Our campaign «Put the five senses!» will lead you tips to use all your senses. With “sight” we saw some of the best natural parks in 360º and with “smell” you were able to make your own fragrances so that your home would bring you closer to the forest and enjoy nature with children.

Now is time for touch. How to enjoy a sensory experience with children in the mountains? From TwoNav we propose some activities to do with the little ones, so that they can experience nature.

Sensory activities with children in the middle of nature

Walking barefoot

pasear descalzo twonav

Living in the city deprives us of direct contact with nature. Going barefoot, for example, is not something we can do normally (at least outside the home).

Try to make your son, nephew, stepson (children in general) walk barefoot. Let him feel the dampness of the soil on his feet, or the warmth of a sunny path. Perhaps the little one does not know what it is, but surely he will feel something special when he is in direct contact with nature. In snowy seasons, it is better to do the activity with your hands to avoid colds or hypothermia.

Sensory boxes

caja sensorial

The sensory box is a container that contains different objects. In this box, which can be made of shoes, a tupper or any container where the child can put their hands, it will be a new experience for the little ones in the house. It is especially interesting in babies, but also for preschoolers

Take advantage of the fact that you are in the mountain to fill it with sand, leaves, branches, stones, mud … You can play to guess what it is, or simply let your little one experiment. If there are several children, in addition, it will contribute values ​​and social skills such as sharing, waiting turns, etc.

These types of games are free and unstructured, so it will encourage the child’s creativity in an environment as magical as being in the middle of nature.

Ducks to the water!

kids and water

Whenever possible, let children touch the water. Let them feel the cold in their hands or the pleasure of splashing in the river, of course always under the supervision of an adult. Play together, have fun as a family!

One activity that will stimulate your creativity as well as entertain you is painting with water. Find a surface close to the water, or take a bucket with you, and have the little one paint in water with his fingers. Challenge him, motivate him, surprise him by participating too.

Sensory tales

If you stop to rest, or in a shelter, try telling a sensory story to your children. You will have to prepare the materials before, but it will be really fun.

How to turn a traditional tale into a sensory story? Splash a few drops of water when it rains in your story, imitate the sounds of animals, put a thermal bag of seeds on his cheek to imitate the heat of the sun, make him gallop on your lap if you talk about gentlemen.

Let’s clean the mountain after our excursions

When you finish doing any activity on the mountain, remember to pick up your rubbish. We also invite you to learn about “plogging” through this blog article, a sustainable initiative that combines sports with caring for the environment. Those who practice it collect the garbage (trash beauty) that are on the ground when they go for a run. Let’s do the same on our outings!