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Sustainability 2022. Positive climate

More and more so-called climate positive companies are incorporating the fight against climate change into their strategies. In this way they obtain a triple benefit: economic, environmental and also social.

Companies assume their co-responsibility in climate change by creating specific actions to contribute to environmental improvement. However, it is also in our hands to contribute to the positive climate.

Positive climate

A positive climate is an action of having a positive impact on the environment, instead of simply trying to reduce its negative impact. It is called positive since all these actions are aimed at positive carbon practices in the atmosphere and therefore trigger a positive effect on climate change. Betting on a positive climate is creating actions today, at this moment, thinking about improving the future. It’s that simple and we can all participate.

There are many more options to help, from investing in companies that prioritize ethics and the environment, betting on integrating items into your diet that reduce your carbon footprint (for example with plant-based foods), or buying sustainable clothing.

Let’s not forget to bet on companies that incorporate biodegradable or recyclable elements into their products, with sustainable packaging.

TwoNav sustainable packaging

At TwoNav, thanks to users who share their stories on our social networks or analyzed by sales volume, we have seen how the pandemic has made people reconnect with nature. The need to balance stress and life has caused the new social paradigm to begin. That is why it is so important to leave our sustainable footprint today in order to have a quality environmental future.

Sustainable sport

For all these reasons, we share the following Webinar in which our ambassadors Albert Bosch and Ferran Latorre give their opinion, together with Núria Picas, about sustainable sport. What positive impact can we make during our outdoor routes?