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Terra, best MTB GPS of 2023

Terra, best MTB GPS of 2023

World of MTB chooses Terra as the best GPS of 2023

Terra is the lightest GPS on the market with a 3.7″ screen, allowing you to work comfortably with maps and have a wider view of your surroundings.

Now the famous German magazine, a reference in the MTB world, has chosen it as the best GPS of 2023 over the rest of the brands on the market.

It highlights the size of its screen, the high quality maps included and the more than 120 data.
It also highlights the multiple connectivity and synchronization functions with other training applications such as Strava.

Features that for the magazine make it the ideal GPS for MTB enthusiasts.

The perfect display for navigation

Terra was designed as the perfect outdoor navigator for adventure lovers who want to feel the thrill of exploring safely and without limits all kinds of activities and/or disciplines, whether hiking, cycling or motoring. And enjoy navigation on detailed maps.

We show you 3 advantages of a 3.7″ display

  • Work comfortably directly on the GPS, manipulating maps in great detail and creating waypoints, even while wearing gloves.
  • Check perfectly, not only the route to follow, but also the subsequent contour, in order to be able to prepare yourself or choose the most suitable route in advance.
  • Clearly display the route, as well as the different waypoints you have created for your route, showing the maximum amount of data without the need to scroll.

The best GPS in other media

Before World of MTB other magazines already rated the Terra display as the best on the market:

“It’s the best display on the market today…hands down. Terra beats the Garmin Edge 1040/1040 Solar by a landslide, it’s better than the Karoo in terms of data and map visibility in any kind of situation.”

Much more than a GPS, the new Terra stands out for its versatility, offering the possibility to load a multitude of routes or to create them yourself from an arrival point to a destination point, adding variants on the fly as well as points of interest to be able to find alternative routes in any terrain.

And you, do you already have the best GPS of 2023?


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