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Terra Xperience Challenge: Day 1

3, 2, 1… TwoNav’s Terra Xperience challenge begins!

A few months ago we put our new GPS Terra to the test, the objective was to test it in different sports, terrains and situations. That is why we created the Terra Xperience, an adventure that took our ambassadors from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean Sea in three stages, where they practiced up to six different sports: mountain skiing, mountain biking, gravel, hiking, trail running and finally taking advantage of the good paddle surfing time

Do not miss how the experience was.

Chronicle of the 1st day:

Bouillouses, Pyrenees.

The challenge had a cold and windy start. The north face of the mountains formed a large ice sheet, so our ambassadors had to look for snow in the woods until they reached the south face. TwoNav’s Terra GPS showed them the course to be able to locate the best access points.

The cold was not a problem for the new TwoNav device. From the top, and already looking for the south face to find a more transformed snow, allowed Albert and Loren to enjoy the descent to the Pyrenees 2000 station.

During this first stage of mountain skiing, our ambassadors highlighted the good visibility of the screen despite the intense solar reflections caused by the snow and the comfort to work and view the maps. Screen approved!

Pyrenees 2000

Transition moment. They changed the Quicklock of the backpack for the handlebar of the MTB. They also checked the battery and it was almost complete!

They headed towards Mont Luís along paths with impressive views. The headlights and lights of the bicycles became essential after a few kilometers. The large screen and backlighting of TwoNav Terra showed them the track at all times. Winding climbs and technical descents accompanied them until they reached a fast zone that led them to the fortified medieval city of Vilafranca de Conflent.

It was a day in which mountain skiing was combined with mountain biking. 61 km and 2,000 positives where, once again, TwoNav Terra has proven to be very versatile. Now it’s time to rest and regain strength for the second day, a stage in which gravel will be the protagonist.

During the Mountain bike stage, our ambassadors highlight that Terra is a compact and ideal GPS for riding trails where a large screen is appreciated to view the map quickly, something that small screens on mountain bikes do not allow. Approved size!