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Terra Xperience Challenge: Day 2

Chronicle of the 2nd day:

The second day of Twonav’s Terra Xperience challenge consisted of 100km by gravel bike, a long stage that, at first glance, seemed simple but in the end it ended with 3200+.

The first kilometers after leaving Vilafranca de Conflent passed through complicated roads. Having marked some detours during the previous preparation of the route, with the Land software, was of great help to select the most optimal route on each occasion.

Upon reaching Finestret, progress was much faster as it was a mountain road with spectacular views and a very steep slope. It made sense to use a gravel bike.

Once again, our ambassadors Loren Woodsvan and Albert Bosch had to use their fronts to reach the end of the stage. Ceret welcomed them among its beautiful and typical cobbled streets.

During this stage, our ambassadors appreciated the accuracy of the maps in a stage where they traveled many paths and the side buttons, which allowed them to work with the gloves they wore due to the intense cold. Buttons approved!




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