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Terra Xperience Challenge: Day 3

The day dawned cold in Ceret. Our ambassadors Loren and Albert, accompanied by their gravel and mountain bikes, would face the last stage of TwoNav’s Terra Xperience challenge.

This stage led them for more than 40km and 1,500+ to Coll de Pertús to make a new transition. They left their bikes and started the final stretch of a mix of hiking and running to Collioure.

During this stage full of fog, the ambassadors highlighted the battery life that was held up perfectly during the 3 days of the route. Battery Approved!

Between beautiful paths, our ambassadors approached their objective. The TwoNav Terra GPS indicated that there was less and less to do to reach the finish line. The battery of the device held perfectly and, in a very simple way, they were able to access to see the information of the track. When they knew that there was little left to see the sea, the fog vanished from the road and the snowy Canigou appeared, watching them on their journey.

From the hiking route they started running. The change was quick and the TwoNav accessories with the quicklock made it extremely easy.

The Mediterranean landscape allowed them to enjoy running through the vineyards while contemplating the sea on the horizon. Arriving at Collioure, they saw the fortress and could finally touch the sea. It was, without a doubt, one of the best moments of the day, not only for having achieved the challenge, but also for remembering the beautiful experience of the entire route. A challenge that, thanks to the new TwoNav Terra GPS, took them from the Pyrenees to the Sea with total safety and autonomy.

To end the test, the ambassadors highlighted the versatility of Terra to adapt to all sports, as well as the comfort of all its accessories, both cycling and backpack support. Objective accomplished!

What will be next? With TwoNav there are no limits!




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