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Why do I need a GPS to go to the mountains?

Why do I need a GPS to go to the mountains?

In recent years the number of mountain rescues has broken records. And this is because the desire to enjoy nature and the outdoors has not always been accompanied by the necessary preparation to enjoy the mountains without risks or GPS.

We can think that if the paths we travel are marked, the use of GPS is not necessary or that with the mobile we do not need anything else. But then why do mountain rescues continue to increase?

Many times we start the route on a sunny day, where we clearly identify the road markings, but in the mountains the weather can always change abruptly and on the way back we can find low clouds, rain or low light that make it difficult for us to find the signs that on the way They seemed so clear to us and we could easily get out of the way.

Carrying a GPS with us gives us the peace of mind that this is not going to happen, and allows us to enjoy our favorite activity in the mountains with the security of knowing our position and the direction where we are moving with great precision, avoiding taking unnecessary risks.

How to prepare a route to avoid accidents?

How to prepare a route to avoid accidents?

The first step is to properly plan the route, thanks to software such as LAND, you will be able to plan your route from home before leaving, knowing the total kilometers, the total altitude of the route, and preparing different alternatives. In this way you will be able to compare your physical form with the one necessary to carry out the route.

It is important to have important points marked on the same route, such as water sources, possible shelters, complicated crossroads that can lead to confusion, in the GPS you can configure alarms to notify you before reaching them to be alert.

It is also important to know the weather on the day of the route, and prepare a backpack with the necessary material, it is important to take into account the water, fruit and nuts that will provide you with energy, safety material and the GPS with maps of the area. Suitable footwear and appropriate clothing according to the time of year.

How can GPS help me prevent risks in the mountains?

How can GPS help me prevent risks in the mountains?

With a GPS you will have extra peace of mind while doing your favorite activity in the mountains. You will carry in the palm of your hand the necessary information to reach your destination and the option of looking for safe alternatives in case of unforeseen events, based on a detailed cartography of the area.

You will be able to measure your efforts, taking into account the path traveled and the kilometers and maximum altitude that you have left to cover, based on the previously planned route.

You will avoid getting lost, knowing exactly what position you are in at all times, and what possible variants you can explore. Also, if you have planned the route with our Land software, you can create the same route with different variants to decide the best itinerary on the ground. The GPS will notify you a few meters from the variant so that you can choose where you want to continue.

In cases of fog or when it gets dark you can be guided by the GPS, which will also notify you with a beep in case you deviate from the marked route.

With SeeMe you can broadcast your activity live and in the event of an accident you can send an emergency message with your location.

How to prepare my GPS before leaving the route to the mountain?

How to prepare my GPS before leaving the route to the mountain?

Although our GPS have a battery of more than 20 hours, it is important to charge it to the maximum before leaving the route.

Make sure that you have downloaded the updated cartography of the area you are going to visit to your GPS, and that the track of your route is displayed correctly. In addition to having alternative routes to be able to change plans in case the weather is not adequate to undertake the chosen route.

Thanks to GO, you can easily download both the maps and the track from your computer to your GPS.

Make sure you have SeeMe connected and your emergency contacts up to date.

Whether you go cycling or hiking, you can get different accessories that allow you to always carry your GPS at hand and comfortably consult it.

How to choose the best GPS for mountain?

And once on the mountain?

Turn on your GPS and enjoy your route!

Be aware of your possibilities at all times, it is not worth being brave, and above all, respect the environment that surrounds you.

How to choose the best GPS for mountain?

There are several models of GPS for mountain, each one adapts to the different characteristics depending on the main activity you do. From hiking or mountain biking to experiences in the most extreme conditions.

You can orient yourself in our mountain GPS guide or by visiting our GPS catalog directly.


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