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The new TwoNav App: Turn your Smartphone into a powerful navigation system

After a long wait, it is finally here. TwoNav renews the TwoNav App for Smartphone and Tablet.

Many of you have been waiting for a long time… and it’s finally here. From this moment on, you can install the new TwoNav App for navigation, orientation and training on your iOS or Android for free. Everything you need in the palm of your hand, this is your App!

With the new TwoNav App you will be able to explore your environment with the best maps, travel to the most spectacular routes, improve your performance and, above all, practice your outdoor activities in complete safety. All the potential of a TwoNav GPS on your smartphone. Take your outings to a new level!

Discover the full potential of the TwoNav app now:

New interface. Simpler and more intuitive navigation

Select your sport and the App will adapt its settings

Download detailed and accurate maps to prepare your outings

Tools to train, by time, by distance or against yourself with TrackAttack™

Visible and audible alarms. Set how far you want to go, program your limits in the App

Live broadcast of your position with Amigos™

GO Cloud™, free repository in the cloud, store your activities

Monitor +120 fields live: distances, speeds, times, altitudes…

Synchronize with Strava™, TrainingPeaks™, Komoot™, Google Drive™, Dropbox™


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