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Tips for playing sports in summer

In the summer, everyone likes to enjoy the outdoors and we like to play sports and start new activities.
But practicing physical activity in the heat can be dangerous without taking precautions.
So to help you get the most out of your free time, TwoNav has some recommendations for you.

Go out at the right time

If practicing a sport in the heat makes you sweat more, it does not promote weight loss, the body only tries to maintain its internal temperature of 37.2 degrees Celsius.
Doing a physical activity in full sun does not help to lose weight but just to dehydrate us;) It is for this reason that TwoNav recommends that you train in the shade or when the temperatures are still mild in order to avoid reactions or heat-related illnesses.

TwoNavTip: Morning routine to start your day off right

Always stay hydrated in …

Even at rest on hot days, the body perspires and eliminates a lot of water. Drinking around 2L of water per day becomes essential.
Doing an intense outdoor activity will make you sweat even more and to help your body to sweat and cool down it becomes inevitable to drink in small sips throughout the exercise.
The removed water is full of minerals, calcium and magnesium.

TwoNavTip: Cool off with drinks rich in mineral salts: grape juice or sparkling water.

And hydrate outside …

All you have to do is add one last step to your routine: spray yourself with fresh water regularly, this will lower your body temperature but also it will help you remove sweat from the face and create a feeling of freshness. .

TwoNavTip: We spray our face, ESPECIALLY the back of our neck.

Light clothes

Multiplying the layers of clothing in the heat would be very intense for your activity. We wear clothes designed to evaporate sweat to regulate body temperature. We choose textiles and technical fabrics, smart sports clothes with which we are comfortable to do all the movements of our sport.

TwoNavTip: Avoid dark colors that absorb heat.

Good shoes

All summer we are barefoot, in the house, the sand on the beach, the garden, in sandals at most. It is therefore important to wear real running shoes to properly support the ankles and relax the calves.

TwoNavTip: Turn your socks over to limit irritation from heat and friction at the seams.

Summer will be quiet

Every summer there is a huge buzz, but it’s also an opportunity to go slower than the other months of the year and slow down your pace and schedule. The heat can slow down your stats process but also helps you discover new activities.

TwoNavTip: add a new activity to your daily routine and discover the outdoors in a different way.

Protect yourself from the sun

Sunburn slows down the body’s cooling process and increases the risk of sunstroke. It is essential to protect yourself: think of caps or other hiking hats, sunglasses and especially sunscreen.

TwoNavTip: For those who sweat a lot, opt for waterproof sunscreen.

Drink and eat!

Never practice a sporting activity on an empty stomach, it is better to have eaten, especially in the heat of summer. For morning outings, a light but rich stomach. For daytime outings, it is best to eat 3 to 4 hours before exercise to let digestion help you.
During exercise, your muscles will need carbohydrates and fat to give you the best possible energy.

TwoNavTip: For long outings, refueling with fruit or nuts.

Beach activities

For those who do not like to laze on the sand for hours, opt for a physical activity: beach volleyball, racket games, balls, swimming, snorkeling, walking in water at hip height, etc.

TwoNavTip: The waves will help you work the lower body, a great anti cellulite exercise

Choosing the right GPS this summer

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