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TITAN DESERT 2023: Take off the most challenging race in the desert!

At last the time has come! After months of preparation and training, the participants of the Titan Desert 2023 have arrived in Erfoud, the city that will host the start of this exciting mountain bike race.

TwoNav, proud collaborators of the Kh7-Sport and Cannondale vas arabay teams

One more year, the bravest and most experienced cyclists face the Sahara desert in one of the toughest and most demanding races in the world. At TwoNav, we are very proud to support the Kh7-Sport and Cannondale vas arabay teams during the Titan Desert and offer them our route planning software and navigation devices, contributing to making the race a positive and unforgettable experience for them.

Among the Kh7 team runners who rely on TwoNav to successfully cross the desert there are names like Melcior Mauri, Abraham Olano, Laia Sanz, Josep Betalú, Sylvain Chavanel, Núria Picas, three Michelin star chefs, Hermanos Torres and the best chocolatier in the world. world, Lluc Crusellas.

The names of the Cannondale vas arabay team riders who participate with TwoNav devices are: Josep Termens, Miguel Muñoz, Roberto Bou, Francisco Herrero and Mónica Calderón

As an independent runner, Michaela Sekulova @misha_sekulova also participates with a TwoNav in the Skoda team.

TwoNav navigation devices, key to the success of cyclists

The Titan Desert 2023 will consist of six stages, with a total distance of more than 600 kilometers. During these days, cyclists will have to face dunes, canyons, plains and stony terrain, always in a hostile environment, with extreme temperatures during the day and intense cold at night. It will be a test of physical and mental resistance, in which the participants will have to demonstrate their ability to overcome obstacles and reach the goal.

In the Titan Desert, there are no signs and the use of GPS is essential to find the right path. Participants must go through all the control points and, in addition, be prepared for any unforeseen event that may arise during the race. In this sense, our navigation devices are a key tool for cyclists, since they allow them to know their exact position at all times, as well as the route they must follow to reach the goal.

The competition between the GPS Cross Plus and Terra in the Titan Desert 2023

This year the race faces two of our GPS, Cross Plus, the GPS with which the winners of the last editions of the Titan Desert were equipped, and Terra, which debuts in the race, recently chosen as the best MTB GPS. Which of them will conquer the podium this year?

GPS Cross Plus
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GPS Terra
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TwoNav, committed to adventure cycling and the Titan Desert

In short, at TwoNav we are committed to the Titan Desert, which has proven to be a race where our devices are great allies when it comes to navigating the desert and with all those who share our passion for adventure cycling.

We wish luck to all the participants who start the race today, overcoming the challenges that the Sahara desert presents them. We know that it is not easy, but we are sure that your effort and dedication will lead you to the goal.

If you are following the Titan Desert 2023 from home, do not miss our live monitoring on our social networks and on our website. From there, we will keep you informed of all the news and we will show you the best images of the race. Let the adventure begin!