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Why has the TwoNav ecosystem become the best ally to compete in an extreme orienteering race?

For the fourth year in a row, the TwoNav GPS is positioned on the podium in all the stages of the Titan Desert, consolidating its reputation as the most reliable and precise orientation devices in an extreme race like this. In addition to the physical preparation of the runners, having a reliable orientation device is essential to guarantee success in the Titan Desert.

TwoNav differs from other GPS devices on the market by allowing you to work with highly accurate and quality maps, and by having powerful navigation and orientation features such as:

Plan your route in advance 
Thanks to our route planner software: LAND, work with detailed maps, edit the official tracks and create the most optimal route to the finish line, marking crucial points with alarms during the race.
Navigation to a specific point (Waypoints)
In this type of race, the organization gives you the point of arrival and the obligatory points of passage. With our GPS you can navigate to them always knowing the direction to the reference locations.
Work with topographic maps
It is vital to know the relief of the terrain that you will face and thus adapt your navigation from the same GPS. Load up various maps of the area, getting greater detail on all the different paths you can choose.
Distance and remaining time to arrival point
In an unmarked race, you must know at all times the estimated distance and time you have left until you reach the next crossing point. Data updated second by second.
Waypoint Ghost
Since last year, the organization has not released one of the waypoints until 2 hours before the race. Thanks to our GPS you can leave that waypoint ready and easily configure it on your GPS minutes before departure.


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