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TwoNav conquers the Titan Desert again

The three winners of the 2023 Titan Desert used our GPS devices to overcome the challenges of the Moroccan desert and reach the top.

Titan Desert 2023 has been an incredibly tough and exciting experience for all involved! At TwoNav, we are excited to have been part of this adventure, helping runners to reach their goals and push their limits. The accuracy and reliability of our TwoNav GPS devices have been vital tools for the champions, and we are very proud to have been part of the winning teams.

However, at TwoNav, we believe that the success of the Titan Desert is not only about the podium winners, but also about the participants who have shown exceptional perseverance and motivation. Like Léster Fernández, a cyclist who completed the race with an 81% disability, or Betalú, who overcame an injury to achieve a more than deserved second position. The Titan Desert is more than a race, it’s a life-changing adventure!

In parallel to the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco 2023, the Titan Ebike was also held, a different way of living the adventure. Laia Sanz and the three Michelin star chefs from the Cocina Hermanos Torres restaurant, Javier and Sergio Torres, also guided by our TwoNav GPS, enjoyed their desert experience to the fullest.

At TwoNav, we know that good race planning is the key to success, and that is why the winning teams on the men’s podium and the second placed in the mixed duo relied on TwoNav technology to work with the maps of Morocco, plot their routes and navigate the desert. It is no coincidence that year after year the winners of the Titan Desert rely on our products to face one of the toughest races in the desert.

For those interested in seeing more, we have compiled a selection of photos of the teams TwoNav has had the honor of collaborating with. Thank you all for being part of this incredible race and we hope to see you in the next edition!


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