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Cross Plus: The device that makes the difference in the Titan Desert. All about the GPS of the winners

The Titan Desert, one of the most challenging orienteering competitions in the world, has once again shown that TwoNav’s Cross Plus is the preferred GPS for champions. In this edition, the 3 winners once again relied on this leading device to navigate with precision and overcome terrain obstacles. In this article, we’ll explore in detail the features and benefits of the Cross Plus, which has earned its reputation as a must-have companion for elite athletes.

The best companion to conquer the Titan Desert

The Cross Plus has been the GPS winner of the Titan Desert in the years 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023. Its proven efficiency and performance in these extreme races make it an unbeatable option for the most demanding competitors.

Key features that stand out

The Cross Plus stands out for its design and innovative features that facilitate navigation in any condition. Its screen readable even in bright sunlight ensures clear visibility at all times, which is crucial in the desert environment of the Titan Desert. In addition, its small size and one-hand operation make it portable and easy to carry throughout your race.

One of the most impressive advantages of the Cross Plus is its battery life of up to 20 hours. This ensures that competitors can rely on their GPS for long stages without worrying about running out of battery. In addition, its wide signal coverage (GPS+ Galileo+Glonass+Beidou) and the ability to send emergency signals provide additional peace of mind for athletes in unforeseen situations.

Advanced features to maximize the browsing experience

The Cross Plus not only stands out for its technical characteristics, but also for its advanced functions that allow personalized and safe navigation. With the option to set waypoints along the route, competitors can create a more personalized experience, marking specific locations with names, icons, and descriptions. This is useful for identifying points of interest, such as shortcuts and detours, along your route.

Personalization also extends to alerts, which can be tailored to individual competitor preferences. These alerts provide notifications when going off-route, ensuring athletes stay on the right track at all times. In addition, speed and heart rate alerts can be set to maintain full control over performance and safety during the race.

The ability to browse quality maps directly from the GPS is another key advantage of the Cross Plus. With the option to upload maps from renowned mapping publishers, athletes have access to detailed information on trails, access and difficult terrain. This allows them to conquer paths and shortcuts

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