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Bikepacking, the new trend in bicycle routes

Picture made by MontanusWild for TwoNav

What is Bikepacking?

Surely you have heard of this trendy bike routes in recent months.

Unlike normal mountain biking, Bikepacking practitioners travel through mountainous terrain for several days with rather little luggage that they usually carry on their own bike. Likewise, Bikepacking involves making routes on foot and even by canoe. Therefore we are talking about a hybrid between mountain biking and hiking.

If reconverted road bikes are the most common in cycling tourism, MTBs are the most common in bikepacking. On mountain routes, with uneven terrain, larger wheels and better suspension are appreciated.

Picture made by MontanusWild for TwoNav

Why is it trend?

With the current situation of restrictions and distancing, outdoor sports (MTB, hiking, mountaineering, trail running, canoeing) have increased exponentially. In the same way, athletes are at a time when they want to discover, explore new routes. At TwoNav we know a lot about the need to discover, that is why our motto is “Freedom To Discover” and we recommend it to all users of our GPS.

The majority of users who practice bikepacking take advantage of the long routes through the mountains not only to be surprised by the incredible landscapes but also to camp in the open air.

Trail 2 Bike GPS. Picture made by MontanusWild for TwoNav