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The Great Guanche Route: A Bikepacking Adventure

Embark on an exciting journey through the Canary Islands from May 21. The adventurers Albert Bosch, Arcadi Romera, David López and Miquel Noguera together with TwoNav invite you to immerse yourself in a unique mountain biking and bikepacking adventure. They will tour the amazing islands of La Graciosa, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma, challenging tracks and trails while discovering dreamlike landscapes that represent the diversity of the planet.

Route Planning and Navigation with TwoNav LAND and GPS

At TwoNav, we believe that accurate route planning and reliable navigation are essential. For this reason, our ambassadors have used our LAND software to carefully design the tracks of this unique journey. In addition, they will entrust the navigation of the route to our GPS Terra and Cross Plus, guaranteeing precise and safe navigation at each stage of the journey. With these powerful tools, you can step into the unknown with confidence and enjoy an experience like no other.

Commitment to Sustainability and the Freedom to Discover

This adventure goes beyond fun and sports, as our ambassadors are fully committed to sustainability in all its aspects. With zero emissions and minimal impact, they will seek to preserve the wonderful natural environments that they will visit. Furthermore, at TwoNav, we are proud of our philosophy of “Freedom to Discover”, and this voyage embodies that vision. They will immerse themselves in the magical islands of the Canary Islands in complete freedom, exploring every corner and experiencing the fullness of this adventure.

An Unparalleled Sporting and Discovery Experience

This journey of 800 kilometers and 20,000 meters of positive elevation gain will be carried out in 12 stages, connecting each island by ferry and alternating between accommodation and bivouac nights. The bikepacking philosophy will allow them to enjoy autonomy and independence at all times, flowing according to events and making sure not to miss an inch of the impressive views and the full experience of this adventure.

At TwoNav, we are excited to be part of this unique journey, where the passion for cycling, sustainability and exploration come together. Join our ambassadors in this extraordinary mountain biking and bikepacking experience in the Canary Islands and discover the true essence of cycling adventure.


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