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Bikepacking Route I Preparation

Preparing a Bikepacking route is essential to guarantee a successful and satisfying experience. We are going to show you how to use the TwoNav Land software to find maps, create or edit routes and adapt them to your own needs and preferences. In addition, you will discover how to transfer the routes and maps prepared in Land to the TwoNav GPS, to have all the necessary information on your device during your Bikepacking adventure.

Bikepacking Route I Preparation

Explore and find detailed maps

TwoNav’s Land software allows you to access a wide variety of detailed maps, which are essential for planning your Bikepacking route. You can explore different map sources such as topographic maps, trail maps, road maps, and much more. Find the right maps for your route, making sure you have the necessary information about the terrain, points of interest and services available on your way.

How to download Maps from the TwoNav store.
How to choose the best Map for you
How to Download Free Maps in Land

Create or edit your custom route

One of the advantages of the Land software is the ability to create or edit routes based on your preferences and specific characteristics. Use the routing tools to draw the desired path, adding control points and adapting it to your needs. You can also import existing routes and adjust them according to your preferences. Be sure to consider the duration, difficulty, and places of interest along the route.

Create a route in Land
Turn your route into a roadbook

Adapt the route to your characteristics and preferences

Each Bikepacking adventurer is unique, and it is important to adapt the route to your individual characteristics and preferences. Use the customization tools in the Land software to adjust the difficulty of the route, avoiding extremely technical or very physically demanding terrain, depending on your level of experience and fitness. Also, take into account your interests, such as a preference for scenic routes, historical places or protected natural areas.

Prepare the maps and routes in the TwoNav GPS

Prepare the maps and routes in the TwoNav GPS

Once you have prepared your route and selected the necessary maps in the Land software, it is time to transfer this information to the TwoNav GPS. Connect your device to your computer and use the sync function to transfer selected routes and maps. Make sure your TwoNav GPS configuration is up to date and ready to receive route information.

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The preparation of a Bikepacking route is essential for a successful and personalized experience. TwoNav’s Land software provides you with the necessary tools to find detailed maps, create or edit routes and adapt them to your individual characteristics and preferences. In addition, the possibility of easily transferring the routes and maps prepared in Land to the TwoNav GPS allows you to take all the necessary information with you during your Bikepacking adventure. Prepare properly, customize your route and enjoy the freedom of exploring to the fullest with TwoNav GPS on your next Bikepacking adventure. May each pedal stroke lead you to new discoveries!