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Trail 2 Challenge: Day 3

The fatigue starts to show

Fatigue is setting in but their motivation remains intact. After 3 stages of the Trail 2 Challenge, the legs are starting to get a bit tired, but despite everything, the landscapes and the setting turn this challenge into a great experience for both teams.

Trail 2 Challenge : Présentation



Cycling Team

La Seu d’Urgell – El Pont de Suert

The riders start with a long stage, though not as tough as the previous one. The morning is cold and the bikers ride up a very long climb that takes them to the summit of Puerto del Cantó. From there, the downhill trails delight the entire team before reaching the intermediate feed zone. They need their strength. There are still a few climbs left, as well as some exhilarating downhills before they reach the finish and close out yet another day.

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Hiking Team

Bidarray – Lase (Bruguete)

The new day brings rain for the hikers, though it miraculously stops right before they set out. The wind is relentless, and right from the start they are faced with a never-ending 1,200-metre technical ascent. The descents are also on highly technical terrain, which makes for slow progress en route to Saint Etienne de Baïgorry. At the end, after 30+ km, with night-time almost upon them, the team reach Lase, where they will transfer to the Spanish side of the Pyrenees from Bruguete.

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