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Trail 2 Challenge: Day 4

A stage of contrasts

The autumn colors continue to enthrall us, as does the changing weather that is typical of the season and the area. Simple stage for the hikers, who needed to recover from the previous day’s tough stage. All out fun for the cycling team.

Trail 2 Challenge : Présentation



Cycling Team

El Pont de Suert – Aínsa

The first day of rain for the riders, a sign of what’s to come this weekend. The rain accompanied the team for the first few kilometres before the skies cleared, paving the way for a day of pure mountain biking. Spectacular landscapes and downhill trails worthy of a world championship.

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Hiking Team

Bruguete – Villanueva de Aezkoa

The fourth stage for the hikers provided some relief and a chance to rest a bit. The day broke with low clouds that hung around for the initial segments of the stage. Easy but constant climbs through very nice forests. The enemy so far today is the mud, but despite everything, a few mushrooms here and there are encouraging the hikers along today’s route.

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