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Trail 2 Plus: Differences between Trail 2 and Trail 2 Bike?

TwoNav has recently launched the new Trail 2 Plus, the evolution of Trail 2 and Trail 2 Bike. If you still have doubts about the differences between the 3 devices and why you should look at Trail 2 Plus, we will explain the differences below. Some of them very important.


To the naked eye, the most noticeable change is the color. Trail 2 Plus is TwoNav blue (same as Cross). Instead, before its discontinuation, Trail 2 was orange and Trail 2 Bike was red.

Compatible with hiking and biking accessories

Trail 2 Plus is the fusion of Trail 2 (designed for hiking) and Trail 2 Bike (designed for MTB). By merging both devices, you will be able to practice both sports. Its quicklock rear anchor is multifunctional, you can use it to fix the GPS on a bicycle mount, or use it in hiking accessories such as a backpack mount or carabiner.

In addition, Trail 2 Plus includes the new TwoNav two-level stem/handlebar support as a gift, it will be very useful for fixing the GPS on your bike and adjusting its elevation. Trail 2 Bike only included a single level kickstand. For its part, Trail 2, as it did not have a Quicklock anchor, did not include any free accessories.

Electronic improvement

Trail 2 and Trail 2 Bike were launched at the end of 2019, the evolution in electronic products is the order of the day and 3 years at the technological level are noticeable. For this reason, Trail 2 Plus has a more optimized system electronics designed to achieve greater performance and reliability.

GNSS chip + Beidou

The new Trail 2 Plus has a renewed and more powerful GNSS chip. With it you will have access to GPS positioning systems (American system), Galileo (European system), GLONASS (Russian system)… and now also, BEIDOU, the Chinese satellite network. In addition, thanks to a network of stationary satellites you will improve your general positioning.

Dual Bluetooth

Unlike its two predecessors, the Trail 2 Plus Bluetooth is dual. You may ask, what does it benefit me? Very easy, with Trail 2 Plus you can connect your heart rate monitor or cadence monitor and receive WhatsApp notifications on the screen at the same time. In Trail 2 and Trail 2 Bike you had to decide which of the two you wanted to use without being able to use them at the same time. Now you no longer have to choose.

Wi-Fi 5G

Trail 2 Plus evolves and goes to Wi-Fi 5G. With this powerful wireless network you will achieve a much faster transfer of files and data than in Trail 2 and Trail 2 Bike.

TomTom road map

In addition to the topographic maps included in Trail 2 and Trail 2 Bike, Trail 2 Plus also includes TomTom road maps for your country. Use it as a door-to-door navigator and to receive voice instructions.

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Do you have any questions about Trail 2 Plus?
All you have to do is contact the TwoNav Customer Service, they will answer your questions. So easy!


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