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TransbiKING 2013, “Seek the perfect track”

For almost two years, the TransbiKING has been one of the most important MTB raids for all outdoor enthusiasts in Europe. The TransbiKING offers you a unique experience to spend a sensational weekend of MTB activities in France: more than 100 kilometers or course with 4500 meters of positive climb.

The 2013 edition will be composed of 3 events:

TwoNav Garoutade on February 24th in South-east of France.
TwoNav TransbiKING 66, on June 1st and 2nd in Pyrénées-Orientales.
TwoNav TransbiKING 09, on September 14th and 15th in Ariège.

With 3 key concepts you will easily understand the essence of TwoNav TransbiKING:
• No marks are used, total respect to the environment.
• 100% friendly radis, no timing competition.
• Push your limits and challenge the nature.

TransbiKING 2013

400 participants in less than 15 hours

TwoNav Garoutade is already a success due to the 400 inscriptions received in less than 15 hours. This fact confirms that the annual raid is getting bigger and bigger each year. Last year the organization of the TwoNav Garoutade decided to reconfigure the raid in order to increase the usage of GPS devices. This year, more than 400 participants will take part in February 24th in a course specially designed by Brice Epailly, Damien Oton and Brossard Laurent (members of the TwoNav Transbiking team).

TransbiKING 2013

Test your limitations!
The concept developed by the TwoNav TransbiKING events is to provide a unique and non-competitive outdoor experience to all participants. The absence of timing competition allows all participants to enjoy the most of their activities having the chance to test their own limits.

High quality itineraries
The conception of the tracks used in these events have been prepared by a great team together with Land, the perfect software developed by TwoNav to get the best data of each terrain. Their first study was done using detailed maps coming from IGN France (1:25.000 scales). After that, several onsite verifications and explorations took place in real ground (bike and running verifications). All this checking was done to assure the quality and security of the course.

We are convinced that the GPS navigation will be the future of outdoor activities. The use of GPS devices avoids marking terrains where nature conservation is so important. At the end, bikers are on their own responsible for the trails they ride in.

TransbiKING 2013

GPS training
Coming soon, you will be able to check through the official website of TwoNav all kind of interesting information regarding the new edition of the TransbiKING. Moreover, over the year, we will propose you some interesting advices to get the best out this kind of events. You will also discover some useful tips about how to manage your GPS device as well as enjoy all your training tips. And… last but not least, CompeGPS will also inform you about the latest developments of the TwoNav Transbiking team in major French events such as Les Chemins du Soleil, Avalanche…

Do you want to participate in the TwoNav Garoutade for free?
Check TwoNav’ Facebook account and win one of the 4 participation tickets to take part in the TwoNav Garoutade. The draw will take place next February 24th.