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New TwoNav Sportiva2. Further, faster!

The current version includes important improvements which confirm it as one of the most intuitive, light and powerful GPS devices on the market. Sportiva2 allows you to manage your activities as you have always dreamed for:

Quick and precise GPS positioning
Replaceable battery up to 15 hours of battery life
An interface with much more agile and fluid map movements


With the new Sportiva2 you can manage your tracks, routes and waypoints unlimited, enjoy a personalized training and return to the starting point with Trackback function.

Easy navigation
The intuitive software TwoNav integrated into the new Sportiva2 has been designed to satisfy the needs of any type of user, from beginners to experienced professionals. Be free to customize menus to your needs with more than 80 fields at your disposal (altitude, speed, altitude or distance).

Broad cartography
Thanks to our Land software and the notable increase in memory, with the new Sportiva2 you can use and transfer a broad range of content and play with all kinds of maps. Additionally, the new Sportiva2 offers you free Open Street Maps of the most important cities from all over the world.

A 3D experience
With the new Sportiva2 you will be able to live a 3D experience with a cartographic realism which will surprise you, as it includes the map of your country and provides the possibility to extend your map archive through our web


PC connection
From TwoNav, we have thought of your need to combine the features of the new Sportiva2 with a PC software -Land- which attends to all your needs, whether you are a PC or Mac user.

Dimensions: 58 x 105 x 23 mm
Weight: 124 grams (battery included)
Certification of resistance: IPX6
Display: Transflective Touch 3 “(resolution of 240 x 400 pixels)

3D Compass + Barometer
GPS Chipset MTK 3339
4GB internal flash memory and micro SD reader (up to 32GB)
Mini USB 2.0 port
Battery 1100 mA / h Li-ion battery with 15 hours of battery life (depending on usage)

Pack content
Topographic map pack selected
USB Cable
Bike Mount
User Manual
Replaceable battery
CompeGPS Land software (free basic version)

More info about TwoNav Sportiva2 here

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  1. What are the improvements respect the Sportiva+? Is the ANT technology present also in Sportiva2?

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