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Route simulation by playing a track

Did you know that…TwoNav can simulate a route by playing a saved track?

All you have to do is:

1. Open a compatible track with TwoNav, go to Menu>Data>Tracks.


Navigation Spain Castellón

2. Using track’s context menu (press the track for some seconds), choose “Play” to start playing the simulation. Controls such as play, pause, close, fast forward, fast rewind, start and go to the end will appear on the toolbar.

Play here to simulate TwoNav

Touch TwoNav Buttons

3. The track will be played at real speed unless you prefer to use the fast forward speed.

Simulate and Navigate with TwoNav

This utility will be very useful to remember a route.

Note that off-road mode will follow the original track very accuratelly, while on-road mode will follow the nearest roads.