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TwoNav with two teams at the “Milenio Titan Desert 2011” race

In less than a week one of the more extreme mountain bike races in the world will start: the Titan Desert 2011. We would like to introduce to you two teams that will participate in this competition through Africa along with sponsoring of TwoNav (Land, Morocco maps and TwoNav Sportiva GPS). These teams are:

– RSM Gassó Cycling Club:

RSM Gasso Team that will participate in the next Titan Desert 2011 edition mountain bike competition.

For this edition of the Titan Desert, a total of nine participants divided into three teams are presented by the RSM Gassó Cycling Club. This is a cross-team which includes members with a lot of experience along with beginners which are highly motivated and trained for this race.

– Team Deporinter Emotion:

Deporinter Emotion Team that will participate in the next Titan Desert edition mountain bike competition in Morroco.

Rubén Bravo (triathlete of the Spanish national team), Manuel Beltrán (ex-professional rider and supporting rider of Lance Armstrong for 5 years) and Carmelo Asencio (ex-rider) are the Deporinter Emotion team. All of them are athletes with solid experience aspiring to make a very good performance in this competition.

One of the most hard mountain bike comptetitions in the desert of Morrocco. 600 kilometers.

The Millennium Titan Desert 2011 is the sixth edition of this event which will be held in Morocco for 6 days (from May 9th to 14th). A grand total length of 600 kilometers and for the first time, the competition will finish in Granada.