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TwoNav Cross Europe Challenge. First days

TwoNav Cross Europe Challenge started on September 21st, an event specially created to test our new GPS Cross.

Due to Covid-19 we’ve adapted our events to continue doing them safely. Increasing security, using the same high level standards that we already had with the Trail 2 Challenge and the Aventura 2 Challenge. At TwoNav we are committed to overcoming any obstacles!

That is why the idea of an European relay route was born. A single GPS for all our Challenge Ambassadors.

The first ambassador was Melcior Mauri (winner of the 1991 Cycling Tour of Spain, among multiple victories). He picked up Cross at our headquarters (Arenys de Mar). Melcior tested Cross and his feedback couldn’t be better.

Then Miguel Induráin (winner of the Tour de France for 5 consecutive years (1991-1995), as well as the Giro d’Italia on two consecutive occasions (1992-1993) among many other victories) awaited him. They both rode together to test Cross‘s stamina and power on a bike route.

The adventure continued in order to test the versatility of Cross, Albert Bosch took the baton (he has crossed Antarctica without assistance, has completed the project “7 summits” and in 2015 he became the first driver in history to participate with an electric car), no better way to test it.

The latest news so far this week is the relay taken by mountaineers Dani and Helen “Lovemountains”. They both used our Cross GPS to battle the Aneto, overcoming the tough conditions and proving, once again, that Cross is the best GPS for mountain outings.

We will know Loren Woodsvan‘s experience with Cross soon, don’t miss all the news that we are presenting to you on our different social networks!