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TwoNav Cross, the best GPS for your mountain outings

Small, but with all the power of TwoNav 

We recently launched our new Cross GPS, an outdoor navigator designed to offer maximum reliability and endurance on mountain outings, whether on foot or riding on a bicycle or some other vehicle. Today, we bring you an analysis of its main features, along with a final comparison with other devices, like Garmin and Hammerhead. 

Cross is TwoNav’s smallest GPS. Weighing in at 172 g, it’s so compact and lightweight that you’ll hardly notice it on the bike or in your pocket while hiking in the mountains.

Cross vs Trail 2 Bike

To make the device even more versatile, Cross is both convenient and durable, and incorporates a QuickLock tab for easy installation on mounts for hiking, bicycles and other vehicles.

“Blog de Santa Cruz” picture

Cross features a high-quality Blanview touch screen with optical bonding that offers a new level of crispness and visibility under sunlight. Its resolution of 480×800 pixels and its 3.2″ size make it ideal to show routes and maps in great detail. Its 6 buttons (4 on the sides and 2 on the front, perfect for hikers and cyclists) offer practical and reliable control of the most important features, while the capacitive touch screen is accurate and versatile, giving you control over every last detail of your activities.

Navigation is simple and intuitive, and Cross can store routes for future use. Of course, you can always count on technical help from our Support staff, and there are also tutorials and mini-tutorials to guide you.

With its 20-hour battery, you can travel for a whole weekend or several days. Cross also complies with the MIL-STD-810 standard for temperature, shock, water and vibration for added safety in the mountains. 

It offers several connectivity options (WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, ANT+) so you can, conveniently and without cables, synchronise all its content in the GO Cloud, transfer routes, view notifications from your mobile, broadcast your position in real time, send emergency messages and connect to external sensors (heart rate monitor, cadence meter, etc.). You also have the option of connecting to third-party services (Strava, Training Peaks, route providers and more).

And then there’s the TwoNav Link App, which lets you check all your data and share your experiences from your mobile. It’s as simple as pairing your mobile with Cross using Bluetooth, and it will automatically transfer the data for your activities, send you notifications and much more.

But that’s not all! Cross has a large data storage capacity, thanks to its 32GB internal memory, as well as a large catalogue of maps. It’s also compatible with maps external to our website. Of course, it also has powerful system components (CPU, RAM) for a smooth experience when creating routes (which are customisable) and waypoints (which you can group into collections). 

Last but not least, remember that Cross incorporates Land Standard for Windows or Mac. It’s the most advanced software on the market for editing tracks, preparing routes, displaying several maps at once and analysing your itineraries in great detail. 

Given all this information, here is a comparison table that clearly shows how Cross is the ideal companion on the mountain, thanks to its versatility, toughness, size, software and price!