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TwoNav, made in Spain

We are so proud to announce a big chapter for us, TwoNav will be totally Made in Spain from now on.

TwoNav, made in Spain

After more than 20 years developing solutions for outdoor navigation, TwoNav set the objective of being able to carry out the manufacture of our products in our own facilities based in Arenys de Mar (Barcelona, Spain). There have been many years of collaborations until we reach the point of having the capacity of developmentengineering and manufacturing our own GPS devices.

TwoNav, made in Spain

In a world that has long evidenced the excesses of globalization, TwoNav began 5 years ago, a movement back to our origins, with a local manufacturing. Today we present an Ecosystem of products for outdoor navigation 100% Made in Spain, culminated by the new Trail 2.

TwoNav, made in Spain

These results in a local manufacturing 100% Made in Spain, a collaboration with local businesses and a huge reduction of carbon footprint while taking the old products off the market in order to propose, henceforth, a Spanish local manufactured product only.

Today we are starting a new era, that of Trail 2.

TwoNav Team