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Land: Land 8.7 available for Mac

Congratulations Mac user! We have good news for you… Starting today, you can download Land 8.7 for Mac!

It took a while, but it’s finally ready! Enjoy a bunch of new features. Here are some highlights:

New simplified Toolbar [MORE INFO]

Easier to create Waypoints [MORE INFO]

Create tracks more intuitively [MORE INFO]

More precise tools to edit tracks [MORE INFO]

Transfer routes to your TwoNav GPS via Wi-Fi [MORE INFO]

Start and finish points easier to tell apart [MORE INFO]

Improvements to the track editor [MORE INFO]

Access editing and analysis tools from the route properties [MORE INFO]

Open tracks from directly in Land [MORE INFO]

New orthophoto map of the entire world now available [MORE INFO]


IMPORTANT: The Land version for Mac works almost just like the Windows version. Mac and Windows computers, however, do feature different resources and work in different ways, so there are some differences between the two versions. At TwoNav, we’re working to bring all the features of the Windows version to Mac. If you use Land on a Mac device, we recommend you update Land to the latest version every so often to enjoy the new features.

Get the most out of Land and consult the user manual.