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GPS TwoNav: Download bicycle touring routes for France in under a minute

If you’re planning a cycling getaway, we suggest travelling to France. Why not? In TwoNav version 4.7, you will find unique routes provided by the FFCT (French Bicycle Touring Federation). Plan your next route in France with quality itineraries endorsed by the FFCT!


Plan your next adventure in just a few steps. In less than a minute you will have your itinerary. Here’s how:

– Step 1: In the map window, center the display on the area of France you want to visit.

– Step 2: Press ‘Main menu > Routes >More options >Discover online routes >FFCT’

– Step 3: Next, your TwoNav device will start searching for FFCT bicycle touring tracks near that location.

– Step 4: If the FFCT offers an itinerary near your location, a list will open with the available tracks for that area. Click on each track to download it and see a summary of the itinerary (distance, time, altitude, route, etc.).

– Step 5: Once you select your route, press ‘Navigate’ to start.


IMPORTANT: To download tracks from the FFCT, you need to connect your GPS to a Wi-Fi network.


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Get the most out of your TwoNav GPS and consult the user manual of your device.


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