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GPS TwoNav: New data fields

Do you hike or do downhill mountain biking? If so, update your TwoNav GPS to version 4.7 and add the new Ascent and Descent fields to your data pages. Measure the total climbs and descents more accurately.

We recently added more data fields to TwoNav version 4.7 so you can customize your pages with information that’s useful to you:

– Ascent to next: Ascent to the next waypoint on your route.

– Descent to next: Descent to the next waypoint on your route.

– Descent to destination: Descent to the destination.

These three data fields are in addition to another field already present in previous versions:

– Ascent to destination:Ascent to the destination.

Remember that you can change any data in the Data Bar (or in a Data Pages) by long pressing on the field and pressing ‘Change this field’. Customize the data pages with the information you really need during your activity.

GPS TwoNav: New data fields


Get the most out of your TwoNav GPS and consult the user manual of your device.


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