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World Book Day: top sports books

Today is World Book Day, for that reason we want to make you some recommendations of the best current sports books.

5. Putting elbows: Voices and confidences of the best generation of Spanish cycling

Synopsis: It is not by chance that it has some of the most exceptional cyclists of all time such as Bahamontes, Ocaña, Escartín, Perico, Induráin or Olano.

Laura Meseguer, one of the most respected and well-known journalists in the international squad, reviews in a dynamic and in-depth way through dozens of personal interviews carried out with the protagonists, and without avoiding controversial topics, the last twenty years of Spanish cycling, the This sport’s most golden age, where the Contador, Freire, Valverde and Purito, among many others, have achieved epic victories in the toughest ports and in the most demanding races

4 Spain by bike

Synopsis: You only need two wheels to set out on a country tour … These 101 cycling routes invite you to discover the world in a different way, on a means of transport that convinces more travelers every day and savoring freedom, allowing yourself to be pampered by the air free and discovering landscapes, towns and landscapes that are far from the highways and conventional transport.

Sergio Fernández Tolosa, journalist and cyclist in equal measure, is the guide of these exciting bicycle routes that will conquer bike lovers and travelers who want to discover how far pedaling can go.

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3 Daniels’ Formula For Runners

Synopsis: Get in the best shape of your running career with this book rated by Runner’s World magazine as the best training book for runners. Its author, Jack Daniels, running coach and doctor of exercise physiology, offers his highly acclaimed VPOD formula (VDOT in English, acronym for volume dot O two, ‘volume point O2’, that is, maximum oxygen consumption or aerobic capacity) , scientifically proven and with proven results with which to guide you in training by applying the appropriate intensity to run with more power, better time and higher speed.

#2 Mamba mentality: The secrets of my success

Synopsis: When I hear people say that they have been inspired by the mamba mentality, I think that all my work, all my effort and all the sweat, has paid off. That is why I have written this book. All the pages contain teachings, not only about basketball, but also about the mamba mentality. That is, about life.

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1 Accent Robinson: The Human Side of Sport

Synopsis: Is sport a school of life? What is behind the world records, the brands and the trophies? What happens when the race ends, when the referee whistles the end or you go into the locker room to face life again?… Welcome to Acento Robinson.

The sports journalist Michael Robinson offers us in Accent Robinson human stories of the sport. Thanks to an entertaining and inspiring style, we discover incredible stories from real individuals that highlight the toughness of the sport and the learning that it brings. It teaches us to manage success and failure -the two sides of the same coin applicable to all areas of life-, because in reality sport belongs to all of us and sometimes it touches us deep inside. Because of sport we suffer, we vibrate, we get excited, we love, we get angry, we cry… Sport unites us and race or ideology, political parties or the crisis do not matter. And Robinson recalls the great names Severiano Ballesteros, Nelson Mandela, Manolo Santana or Fernando Martín, among others; He tells us about children who dream of being elite athletes, about the need to emigrate to achieve a dream, about the obstacles that must be overcome on the way to the goal or about the limits, the great challenges, which are always a driving force not a brake.

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