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GPS Aventura 2 and Aventura 2 Motor. First anniversary

This month, our GPS Aventura 2 and Aventura 2 Motor meet their first anniversary.

Aventura 2

It was specifically designed for mountaineering and any other extreme outdoor sport. This innovative GPS was built to withstand cruising in the harshest weather conditions. It has a 3.7 »screen with which to view the topographic and road maps, depending on the route you are going to practice.

Designed for professional extreme sports athletes, the GPS Aventura 2 guides professionals on their most risky expeditions, as in the case of Diego Cortijo in Expedición Mamberamo. It is made to accompany you in the most adverse conditions and guide you precisely when you need it most. Thanks to its long-lasting removable battery, large screen and a design to withstand extreme weather conditions, this is the GPS you need for your next adventure.

Following the launch, we challenged various athletes and extreme sportsmen to our “Aventura 2 Challenge”, an experience to the limit in the Alps in the middle of winter. The journey put the new Aventura 2 GPS device to the test, under the most extreme conditions.

Aventura 2 Motor

State-of-the-art satellite navigation with specific features and accessories for extreme motorsports: large, rugged display for better map viewing, even on dusty and muddy roads. In addition, it has a speaker to receive step-by-step voice instructions.

Aventura 2 Motor is a GPS created specifically for the world of extreme motor sports. Drive safely, navigating with precision, on or off road, thanks to its powerful route functions. Long battery life, large screen, this innovative and resistant GPS also includes a mounting cradle.