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Digital roadbook for motor routes

What is a roadbook?

The roadbook is widely used in the world of motor racing and motorcycling and serves to guide the driver on his marked route.

Currently we have been able to see how the classic paper scribbled by the co-drivers in some tests such as the Dakar Rally, has been replaced by the Digital Roadbook. Therefore, the previous preparation of the route by the pilots will be of vital importance for the success in the race.

Images from the Youtube channel of «Automundo»

It may seem like a complicated device, but it is still a map with directions that we must follow until we reach our goal, a GPS.

Aventura 2 Motor and Roadbooks

In TwoNav there is a device specially designed for motor, and whose functionalities allow drivers to prepare, know and have total safety on the marked route. We are talking about Aventura 2 Motor.

Woodsvan Loren, TwoNav Ambassador

With the LAND software, you can also convert your tracks into e-Roadbooks with the Roabook point creation tool. How to do it? It is very simple, we show it to you in the article «How to add e-Roadbook points from the track editor«.