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TwoNav 2020. Summary of a different year

2020 has been a difficult peak to reach, but once we have reached the goal we can say that we have achieved it!

It has been a year with new challenges that, without a doubt, will be difficult to forget. From TwoNav we want to keep all the good that 2020 has brought us and summarize it in this special post, but not without first wishing you a happy new year.

New products

From home, but we have continued working to improve the experiences of our users. This has allowed us to launch new products on the market: our GPS Aventura 2 and Cross, as well as the APP Link.

On the other hand, we also launched the kit section and we have expanded its catalog throughout 2020.

New TwoNav events

Despite everything, we have been able to carry out several important events, Aventura 2 Challenge started the year and Cross Europe Challenge challenged us during the first wave of the Covid pandemic. Do not forget that we have been present at the events “Titan Desert 2020 Almería” and at the “Velovert Festival de France“.

Security and solidarity

We always take the safety of our users very seriously and, this year more than ever, we have focused part of our efforts on actions against COVID-19, helping hospitals with the manufacture of protective equipment or with the new TwoNav mask, available at our accessories catalog.

Mascarilla TwoNav

TwoNav Ambassadors

This, without a doubt, has been an excellent year for our ambassadors project. There have been new additions who, along with our veterans, are part of an incredible team of athletes and elite athletes. We thank all of them for their incredible input. Some of our ambassadors are:


TwoNav has grown this year, and not only that! We have reached new countries thanks to the actions we have carried out this year. Now you can also find us in the German market, Russia and Italy.

TwoNav made in Spain

We continue with our team of brave people who do their best to keep TwoNav growing. The manufacture of GPS and software is entirely national and we do it at our headquarters in Arenys de Mar.