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Land: How to analyze my routes?

The analysis of routes is one of the most important phases in any outdoor activity. You need to know what altitudes, distances and efforts are you facing in order to have a successful adventure.

Here you have 3 useful tips to analyze your tracks:

Basic analysis: Graphs

The most visual way to analyze your latest track is using a graph. Select the track you want to analyze, and in the button bar click ‘View graph’. Analyze the altitudes along the route.

Moreover, if you have more than one track, Land will compare both of them at the same graph. Get to know the level of difficulty of two paths and decide which one is more suitable for you.

Go even further and compare other data fields, click on the vertical axis and change ‘Altitude’ to another field.

Advanced analysis: Color gradient

If you want to go one step further in your analysis, select your track, and in the button bar click See color gradient’. Then, choose what you want to analyze (altitude, speed, pulse, temperature…).

Land will represent each and every specific point of the track within a color scale. If you have selected the field ‘Altitude’, the more intense the color, the higher the altitude was.

This tool is ideal for analyzing altitudes and effort.

Expert analysis: Laps

Sometimes a global analysis is not enough, a more precise and concrete analysis is required. With Land you will be able to divide a track into subsections (‘Right click on the track > Laps > Autolaps’).

Choose the interval that Land will use to divide the track: by distance (sections of 1 km, 2 km…) or by time (sections of 30 min, 60 min…). Then, select the section you want to analyze, the data you will see refers to that specific section, and not to the entire track as a whole.

The analysis by laps is highly recommended to evaluate workouts so that you know where to improve.

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