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The sounds of nature

The sounds of nature relax us, renew us and help fight stress. When we step in a forest we feel happy, at peace. They help us to concentrate during our workday while we are in front of the computer, working in the warehouse, planning a training session …

Throughout the Christmas campaign, from TwoNav, we have brought you experiences so that you can put your five senses on alert. We already discovered great virtual tours thanks to the article about sight, we saw how to prepare our own fragrance with the smell article and we put the little ones to work thanks to the touch blog article. Now it is the turn of the ear.

Whispers of the forest

And since today’s article is not about reading, but about listening, we want to share with you this list from our Spotify TwoNav channel with forest and nature sounds.

Rock in any corner of the forest

However, if what you like is to walk briskly, occasionally humming those lyrics that we all end up inventing (no matter the language), this is your playlist. This repertoire was chosen by the entire TwoNav team, our favorite songs for mountain trips. We hope you enjoy it!

Extra motivation in the mountains

Finally, we come to the most motivational list, made for our «Adventure 2 Challenge« event. Here you will find music that will help you get an extra push to achieve any challenge you set yourself.

Sounds of nature, on a safely way

If you are a hiker and you like to walk in the rain, you will be able to attend all the sounds of the forest.

However, it is vitally important that you prepare well and do it safely. We share with you this blog article on «Hiking. Walking under the rain”.