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Eat in a mountain hut

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Today we bring you an article about what to eat in a mountain refuge. At TwoNav we have proposed to give you experiences this Christmas. Under the slogan «Put your five senses», we have taken you to some of the best natural parks in 360º tours, you have been able to bring the smells of the forest to your home, enjoy a sensory experience in the mountains and listen to the sounds of nature . The last of the senses is that of taste. Let’s see what foods are recommended for hikers and what to eat in mountain huts.

Mountain huts, also known as cabins or mountain lodges, are accommodations intended to protect hikers from inclement weather.

These shelters are usually located in mountain areas that are difficult to access or in rural areas. Those who manage them offer, upon reservation, basic accommodation services and sale of some drinks and meals with which to recover energy.

Before going into dishes for lunch or dinner in a refuge, let’s see what you should carry in your backpack if you are a hiker and you plan to do a long-distance route. The basics for this type of activity cannot be missing.

It is important that you take foods with a low glycemic index on your route, so that your body gradually eliminates energy and thus avoid spikes in our blood sugar.

Also take nuts. These foods take up very little space in our backpack and will provide you with the minerals, proteins and nutrients that will compensate for the energy waste. If we talk about proteins, take ham, salami or similar sausages with you.

Whenever you do not have time, or do not want to cook, there are precooked foods that can be cooked instantly, such as noodles or, if you prefer, canned food.

Finally, mention the energy bars and chocolate, a classic for hikers. Do not forget to hydrate well, always carry a bottle of water with you.

What to eat in a hut?

As we said, in the shelters they usually supply the hiker with carbohydrates and protein. The goal is for them to regain energy, as many of them arrive exhausted after several days of walking.

The standard menu is usually a first course with pasta or rice, a second with meat and salad, and desserts. In winter, many refuges also offer a bowl of hot soup for the hiker’s comfort.

As for breakfasts, they usually offer juices, hot drinks, toast, cold cuts, cookies, butter and jams. If you have reserved the option of a picnic bag available in many shelters, you can taste their sandwiches, fruit or buns and even chocolates.

And you, have you tried dinner in a hostel? Tell us about your experience!

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